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Danny's Parents, Beaverton, Oregon

"We met Debbie through our pediatrician’s office as she was highly recommended to us to support our family with integrated care, including getting school or other resources for family as needed to ensure continuous development for our son. Our son has numerous medical diagnoses each in its own being life threatening and each requiring specific maintenance either with medical practitioners or within the school system.

What started as a collaboration to make sure we have the specialist and priority our child needs in the medical community transitioned quickly to have Debbie provide support with school issues. Debbie was the first one to recommend creating an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and to request school to test our child for delays in learnings. Once Debbie started attending our IEP meetings with the school--as our son’s social worker and later on as a family advocate- it became very clear to us how important is to have an unbiased professional attend these meetings with us. There was a clear difference on how school personnel addressed our concerns when Debbie was present and when she was not. Debbie has brought to our IEP meetings an extensive experience with the IEP process from her own experience as well as her professional experience supporting other families. Throughout the years she has followed our son’s development and being a continuous part of our IEP process she has been able to see our son grow up his skills which allowed her to provide us best recommendations on what to change in the IEP.

Debbie has been a sounding board for our proposals before our meeting with the school which has been invaluable in making sure we ask for best support for our son in school. She would review previous IEP documents to make sure we have a sound proposal for next meeting. In between school meetings, she checks with us on our son’s progress in case we need to re-evaluate our plan of action. We value her expertise and highly recommend any family with a child that needs special education to tap into the experience Debbie has."

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